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Holy City Pilgrimage was founded by Ghada Habesch as a locally owned, family-operated tour & pilgrimage agency based in Jerusalem. The Habesch family of Jerusalem represents 2,000 years of Christian heritage in the Holy Land and nearly 100 years of family tradition as local business owners. In the face of the many challenges of this part of the world, we, Ghada and Tewfic Habesch, have found lifelong comfort and strength in our Christian faith and in our land’s heritage as the land of Jesus. Thus we specialize in tailor-made Christian pilgrimages in the footsteps of Jesus. Our passion is to share the extraordinary experience of the Holy Land with you, so that you will not leave without feeling truly transformed.

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“A Pilgrimage To The Holy Land Is A Unique Experience That Cannot Be Compared To Any Other Type Of Pilgrimage. It Is A Life-Changing Experience.”

Ghada Habesch, Holy City Pilgrimage Ltd. Founder

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