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Why Holy City Pilgrimage LTD?

Evangelical Pilgrimage

A pilgrimage to the holy land is a spiritual journey where the scriptures become alive, deepen your faith and  transform you in mind, body and soul. 

Sample Pilgrimage Program

10 Days Evangelical pilgrimage to the Holy Land


Arrive at Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv

Upon arrival at Ben Gurion Airport, you will be met and greeted by your tour guide. You will drive to your hotel, where you will spend the next three nights. Dinner will be at your hotel.



Visit Saint Peter’s Church in the city of Jaffa, where Peter arrived to raise Tabitha from the dead. Roam around Jaffa port, one of the oldest seaports on the Mediterranean coast. Get ready for a drive to Caesarea Maritima, the capital of Judea under the Romans and the center of early Christians. Visit the Roman Theater and aqueduct, where Paul was imprisoned before leaving to Rome. Head to Mount Carmel and Muhrake known as the place where Prophet Elijah challenged the priests of Baal. Enjoy beautiful views of Jezreel Valley. Drive to Mediggo, also known as Armageddon, where the final battle is to take place – mentioned in the book of revelation. Dinner and overnight.


Cana/Mount Tabor/Nazareth

After breakfast at your Hotel we will visit the town of Jesus’ childhood, Nazareth, visit the amazing Basilica of the Annunciation; Proceed to visit Cana, the place where Jesus performed his first miracle. Visit Nazareth Village. Later in the afternoon we will ascend to Mount Tabor, the place of Jesus’ Transfiguration, and have some time for meditation and prayer while enjoying the view of the valley of Armageddon. Dinner and overnight.


Caesarea Philippi/ Mount of Beatitudes/ Tabgha/ Capernaum/ Jordan River

We’ll visit Caesarea Philippi, the site of Peter’s Confession and pagan worship which was an ancient Roman city located at the southwestern base of Mount Hermon. Drive to visit Magdala, the birthplace of Mary Magdalene. In the afternoon we stop at the Ancient Boat Museum before we take a boat trip on the Sea of Galilee as was done in the time of Jesus We will visit the Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount, continue to Capernaum, to visit the Old Synagogue and the remains of St Peter’s house. We will also visit Tabgha the sites of the miracle of the multiplication of fishes and loaves, the site of the Primacy of St Peter. Continue to The Baptismal Site of Yardanit at the banks of the Jordan River. Dinner and overnight.


Jordan River Baptism Site/ Beth Shean / Dead Sea

After breakfast we will have the opportunity to be baptized at the Jordan River Baptismal Site. Afterwards drive to Beit-Shean/Scythopolis, a magnificent archeological site located at the strategic juncture of the Jezreel and Jordan valleys. After defeating Saul and his sons on Mt. Gilboa, the Philistines hanged their bodies on the walls of Beit-Shean. During the time of Jesus, Scythopolis was one of the chief cities of the Decapolis – a league of ten cities sharing Greek culture and government. We continue to visit ancient Jericho, the continuously occupied city throughout history. We will end our day by a visit to the Dead Sea. Dinner and overnight at your hotel.


Massada/ Ein Gedi/ Dead Sea Scrolls

We will depart our hotel and drive to the fortress of Masada, where we will take a cable car to the mountaintop. Here our guide will treat us to the history of the famous zealot stand. Afterwards we proceed to Ein Gedi, an oasis on the Western shore of the Dead Sea. This is where King David hid from Saul. Next we will visit Qumran Caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. Overnight at the hotel.


Israeli Museum/ Jerusalem Old City

In the morning we will visit the Western Wall (Wailing Wall) where the faithful Jews cry their petitions to God. The Southern side of The Temple was the main entrance for the common folk, whereas the Priests and Levites had their own entrance from the higher eastern side. Parts of the giant stairs, which led to the Temple Mount from the courtyard, have been unearthed along with the purification pools. From here Jesus entered the Temple Mount and drove out the vendors and money exchangers who were exploiting the people. We continue to the Temple Area of Mt. Moriah, visit the al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock. In the afternoon we will visit the Israeli Museum, see the Dead Sea Scrolls, and then take a guided walk through an accurately detailed model of Biblical Jerusalem. This model will help put into perspective all that you have seen over the previous days touring. Dinner and overnight at our hotel.


Jerusalem/ Ein Kerem/ Beit Sahour/ Bethlehem

After breakfast we will visit the Western (Wailing) Wall, a remnant of the Temple in which Jesus preached. We’ll continue to the Temple Mount, viewing the Dome of the Rock. In the afternoon we’ll travel to Ein Karen, the location of John the Baptist’s birth. We should be able to visit a cave that could possibly be the actual birthplace of John. In the afternoon we will visit the Shepherds’ Fields to rejoice over the glad tidings of the birth of Jesus and remember the faith of Ruth who gathered grain nearby. Continue to Bethlehem to visit the 5th-century Church of the Nativity where Jesus was born just over 2,000 years ago. Return to our hotel for dinner and overnight.


Mount of Olives/ Mount Zion/ Old City of Jerusalem/ Garden Tomb

In the morning, enjoy a panoramic view of the city of Jerusalem on top of Mount of Olives, then travel down the mountain to visit the Church of all Nations and wander through the beautiful Garden of Gethsemane, the place where Jesus prayed before his arrest. Here we can read the scriptures of Jesus’ prayer and take time for personal reflection. Drive to Mount Zion to visit David’s Tomb, the upper room where the disciple, whom Jesus loved, laid his head on His breast and where later Thomas cried “my Lord & my God.” Visit House of Caiaphas, where Jesus was beaten and spit upon. See a pit where He may have been held for the evening and the ancient hillside steps He walked as He was taken to be condemned. Head to the Pool of Bethesda, where Jesus miraculously healed a paralyzed man. We will walk along the Via Dolorosa to remember His way of suffering along with a visit to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. The climax of the day is the area of Golgotha (place of the skull) and the Garden Tomb, where we celebrate the resurrection with communion and a time of praise. Dinner and overnight at our Hotel.

DAY 10


Board your flight from Tel Aviv to your home destination. Take time to reflect on all you have seen during your visit to the Holy Land.

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A number of adjustments to your itinerary is possible at your request. Guest speakers on various topics can be arranged as well as meetings with church leaders and visits to various projects aimed at supporting Christian presence in the Holy Land. Contact us for more information on focused tours and allow us to help tailor your trip to your group’s specific interests and needs.